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The Motion Crate

Creating magical moments through movement and imagination..

Motion Crate Activities

The Crate

Full of fun designed around creativity and movement.  "Creative in Motion" is filled with cool activities to make your child move and have some good old fashion fun!

Activity Cards

Activity cards with a sturdy magnetic closure box. Each card has engaging activities and story prompts to complete with family or friends. Cards can be used for years to come if taken care of properly. Simply use a dry erase marker & wipe clean with dry cloth. 


All that movement going on! gotta stay hydrated right? The Ice Cream Water bottle is NOT including in the crate. 

I love that Motion Crate box features  images of of little brown girls. I also love the the creative pieces that are included in the box, like the water bottle (which is my favorite), and the charms and pins. Last but not least, I really like the book of activities, they are personal and the child can follow along and complete independently!

Kionna Williams

We LOVE The Motion crate! It’s perfect for little girls. My daughter loves the activity book and literally pulls it out every chance she gets! The water bottle is also a big hit! She doesn’t leave home without it! Let’s not forget the charm bracelet and pins, which are a dream to every little girl. The crate is definitely a must have for little girls and we look forward to the many surprises in our next crate! 

~ Lakeita